In 1998 NDP EMS found the need to transport patients that did not meet the medical necessity of an ambulance.  From this necessity NDP EMS created the Ambulette Division.  In the calendar year 2008, NDP EMS transported over twenty thousand patients aboard the ambulette division.  The company operates six trucks in a four county license.  We can accommodate request in Dutchess, Ulster, Greene and Columbia counties with-in New York State.  Our wheelchair van can fit two to three wheelchairs on at one time with passengers. 



People who are wheelchair bound or who have specialized medical equipment will often hire an ambulette service to help transport them from one place to another. We can also assist special needs clients with transportation to and from:

  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Doctors office
  • To special events such as weddings, birthday parties and company gatherings

Our vehicles are specially designed to transport people with special needs and capable of accommodating multiple wheelchairs and stretchers.



We operate all Ford vans with high-top mounts, hydraulic lifts and are climate controlled.  Our trucks are reviewed by New York State Department of Transportation twice a year and must pass a rigorous detail inspection. 



Our drivers must meet New York State Department of Motor Vehicle standards, which include commercial license and 19A certification.  Every two years the driver gets certified in CPR for the Healthcare Provider.  All of our drivers will be in full dress uniform and have company ID on them while on-duty.



We can accommodate any type of request: wheelchairs, extra-wide wheelchairs (up to 32 inches wide), recliners chairs (Geri-Chairs), motorized and non-emergency stretchers.  We can transport a patient with oxygen as long as the patient can regulate the oxygen himself or herself.  We will also have an additional attendant to assist the driver with stretcher calls.  Our Ambulettes are a door-to-door service only.  That mean we will not transport a person up or down stairs in a wheelchair.



We can accommodate any type of private payment: cash, money order, private check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) as payment. If you need a phone number to your local Medicaid office call us and we will assist you.

Ambulette request: 800-580-2909 / 845-876-0338.


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